League Bowling

Couples (2 couples per team)

Friday 9:30pm                                  Once a Month

Saturday 4pm                                   Once a Month

Saturday 9:30pm                              Once a Month

Sunday 6pm                                     Once a Month



Wednesday 3:45pm             Ages 7-12, weekly instruction

Saturday 9am                       Ages 7-12, weekly instruction



Wednesday 7pm                  3 per team

Thursday 7pm                      3 per team



Monday Night 7pm              4 per team

Tuesday Night 7:30             5 per team



Monday Noon                     Men or Women

Wednesday 9:30am           Men or Women

Tuesday 9:30am                 Ladies only

Some spots for league bowling are still available. We have 40 different leagues to choose from. Call us to sign up, for more information, or to reserve your spot for new year!

Phone: 716-649-1413